Michael Kleeman has been providing legal advice and assistance to travel insurers for over fifteen years.

In order to have the best chance of recovering subrogation liens a travel insurer should get immediate legal advice after being notified of a serious injury claim. Our firm will conduct an investigation of the accident in order to determine if there is a responsible third party.

An immediate investigation leads to the discovery of valuable evidence that may become unavailable at a later time. Our investigations include consultations with experts; accident scene investigations; obtaining reports of government agencies; and interviewing witnesses, police officers and the injured party.  We have a network of investigators throughout the United States.   Experience has proven that a prompt investigation after an accident results in a much higher percentage of recoveries.

If it appears that a third party is responsible for the medical bills and other related expenses incurred by the insured our firm will immediately place the third party and their insurer on notice of your subrogation lien. With law firm associations throughout the U.S. our law firm can handle cases nationwide.

All investigation costs are pre-paid by our law firm. If our investigation determines that there is no responsible third party or if we do not make a recovery there will be no charge for our attorney fees or investigation costs.

Michael Kleeman Associates currently represents numerous travel insurers and claims assistance companies throughout Canada and Europe.